Dangerous Wildfire Sweeps Through South Korea

Kangwon Ilbo Via Getty Images

Oriana Bellucci, Author

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On April 4th, the Gangwon province in South Korea suffered South Korea’s worst wildfire in years. The fire burned over 1,500 acres before being contained by a firefighting team composed of 16,500 South Korean troops as well as 13,000 rescue workers.


The fire is thought to have been started by sparks triggered by power lines. Resident Kim Tae-Gi received an alert that there was going to be danger in his home area soon. While his house was burning down, he went in for his dog. “I escaped from the burning house right after I brought out my dog. I couldn’t bring anything else with me, and all I have now are these clothes that I was wearing last night. I had to watch my house burn from my car,” Kim told NPR Seoul.


     Thousands of people have been evacuated from the area. President Moon Jae-In has declared a national emergency, and said that if the fire spread north, he would cooperate with North Korea to put it out. President Moon has been visiting and talking to victims at the evacuation shelters, asking government officials to take extra care of the displaced victims, who after losing their homes, “may now find time to catch their breath.” (NPR Seoul).