Stress Beyond Seniors

Juniors feel the stress, too.

Sabrina Guillen, Staff Writer

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Stress.  Finding the right college.  Having the perfect resume.  Can it only be limited to the last year of high school.  Don’t the others deserve a little acknowledgement of their trials and tribulations?  

We have all heard that senior year is the most fun but also the most stressful.  We have to have our best SAT and ACT scores on display.  College essays have to be written to perfection.  

Although it is quite challenging, junior year is no breeze either.  This is the year we are really sucked into the idea of college, and it’s not any easier.  Juniors recently had their “junior meeting” which entailed a lot of information about college tours, class rings, and magazine sales.  This might seem like regular topics to some, but to me, they signify the beginning of the end.  

It is ending as fast as it began, and there is nothing we can do about it.  All we can do is go on the tour, pick a class ring, and sell some magazines.  But there is not real solution to our, or just my, existential crisis.  In the blink of an eye, we’re already half way through junior year.  

Just yesterday, I remember sitting alone on bus the first day of school or even at the end of freshman year with my friends cramming for the BIG AP World History exam.  Time passes, and unfortunately, nobody has found the cure.  We have to move forward and not dwell on the years that have gone by because we will miss the years to come.

All I’m saying is that juniors don’t have it that easy; we all have the same fears for the future that seniors have.  We also have to beautify our resumes and ponder about whether we are going to get into our dream school all while not having the many activities that the seniors get to experience all year long!