Lunch time blues

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Lunch time blues

Jack Reid, Staff Writer

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If you’re a high school student now, or have graduated from high school already, you know that lunch is one of the most anticipated times of the day. After a long couple of first classes, lunch is the perfect time to refuel and prepare yourself for the home stretch of your day at school.

Lunch should be as enjoyable as possible for students and allow them to have the freedom to talk with their friends and relax. But should there be a limit on the freedom that a student has during lunch? Most schools in Miami nowadays have rules set in place that prohibit all students from leaving the campus to eat lunch, which was for many, an unpopular decision. For now, students have the choice to bring their lunch or to purchase lunch at the cafeteria.

In prior years, high school students in Miami schools were allowed to go wherever they pleased for lunch, but somewhat recently, times have changed. In 1999, the Miami-Dade County school board ruled that students would not be allowed to leave campus during lunch. One of the main reasons for this was the number of accidents that students got into while off campus. If students were to get into and accident off campus, it would likely tie them up for a long period of time, delaying their return to school, which is a problem for both the students and the schools. Additionally, students or other civilians may be injured, which could be very traumatic for everyone.

While some might view leaving campus for lunch as a great way to spend time with their friends, others may view it as a huge safety risk that can have serious consequences.

“I can see both sides of the argument,” said JP Gutierrez III, an 11th Grader at Christopher Columbus High School. “But I feel that allowing students to have some time to get out of school could help them clear their minds and give them a much-needed break from their work. Also, letting students eat off campus may encourage them to get better nutrition and eat healthier.”

Another student believed that students should be allowed to leave campus, but only under certain conditions. “Allowing students to leave would increase the likelihood of accidents, especially because it would include a time limit,” said Sophia Lord, an 11th Grader at Coral Reef Senior High School. “However, allowing students to leave campus could be possible if a compromise can be made, such as schools limiting the number of students who leave during lunch to only Seniors that have a waiver signed by a parent and the administration. Lunch would also have to be extended for this to be possible though.”

One student however, was very adamant on their stance on the topic. “Although many of our parents used to go out of school for lunch, back in the day, I don’t think that we should be able to,” said Nick Mesa, an 11th Grader at Coral Reef Senior High School. “We are currently living in a much different time with a lot more dangers on the road, such as distracted driving, road rage, and just an overall increase of more cars on the road. The case might be different if it applied to a smaller town, but that does not apply to our area.

So, it seems that the students have spoken and they are hesitant for a change, but mostly feel that one can be made. Hopefully, these student’s opinions can serve as a catalyst for a change to be made by the administration and school board to better accommodate what the students feel should be the proper law of the land. With lunch being such an important time of the day for students, maybe it’s time that we get to love lunch a little more.

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  1. Joe Beaton on December 26th, 2017 8:28 am

    Great article Jack.

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Lunch time blues