Senior Year Update: March 12th, 2018

Jonathan Scotto, Editor in Chief

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As senior year begins to wrap up, Coral Reef has many activities and events planned for the Class of 2018. Senior Breakfast, GradBash, Prom, and GRADUATION are all sooner than you think. Take a look at the next few months for our seniors around The Reef.

March 9th, Senior Breakfast: The official start to senior activities. Looking out towards the water while enjoying a fabulous breakfast, dressing up, and taking photos are all major parts of this event; also, a hypnotist will be putting our seniors under a convincing spell… Time can only tell what will happen, or who will win “Biggest Flirt,” “Most Changed,” or any of our other superlatives!

April 13-14th, GradBash: Seniors from across the country convene to celebrate the momentous achievement that is graduating from high school. Taking place at Universal’s Theme Parks, students have the night to themselves full of concerts, rides, and maybe even some wizardry! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you, seniors! Don’t miss out on the headliners performing under the stars and the butter- beer!

May 18th, Prom: The night that will be remembered for the rest of your lives, Class of 2018! Ball gowns, tuxedos, and a night full of reflection of the four years past. Although homecoming was held in November of 2017, Prom is limited to SENIORS ONLY and is truly an exclusive event of remembrance. Get ready, seniors! Our night at Jungle Island is only TWO months away. Dancing shoes: on!

May 31st, Graduation: The end of a journey. As ‘Cudas, we have grown to love and care for the place we call home: Coral Reef. This night, we will face the next phase of our lives. Whether it be college, career preparation, or military pursuits, we all have a dream we wish to achieve and success we wish to acquire.

These events are closer than you think! Get ready for a wild ride, Class of 2018!