Active Shooter In Pittsburgh Synagogue

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Active Shooter In Pittsburgh Synagogue

Tony Webster

Tony Webster

Tony Webster

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An active shooting has been reported in the Pittsburgh area, with emergency officials arriving at 10:00 AM Saturday local time. The location is a synagogue named Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue in Squirrel Hill. The police have reported the suspect is in custody, but warn locals to refrain from entering the area. Many victims are still trapped in the area. Officials are attempting to clear the area and attend to victims. The perpetrator’s  motivations are currently unknown.

Live Updates:

11:48- SWAT descended on suspect’s vehicle with bomb squad. Suspect in custody.

11:49- Former President of the synagogue reports emergency exits were not functioning, victims escaped through windows or other exits.

12:03- Pennsylvania Governor tweets on the tragedy, calling for action.








12:05- Baitline reporters listening to local police scanners have discerned that officers are heard saying:

“[The shooter] was talking about ‘All these Jews need to die.’”

12:15- Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto has warned residents to remain in their homes as the area is still not secure.

12:49- President Donald Trump is making his remarks after sending condolences to victims, noting the outcome would’ve been different if the synagogue had an armed guard.

 “They didn’t have any protection”

12:55- Addressing the media, Trump commented that the shooter should receive the death penalty.

1:05- Tweets from the shooter and posts on prominent website Gab confirm the shooter to be anti-Muslim and anti-Trump.

1:13- Los Angeles Police have stepped up police presence in local areas of worship in the wake of the shooting.

1:22- Pittsburgh Director of Public Safety, Wendell Hissrich, is visibly shaken as he describes the crime scene as the worst he has ever seen while addressing the media.

1:28- Pittsburgh Director of Public Safety has confirmed multiple injuries, including four police officers. Deaths will not be confirmed until officials are sure of the count.


Baitline will provide more updates and details in a follow-up article when events have entirely unfolded.