So Who Went to Homecoming?

Should Freshmen be allowed to go to Hoco?

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Homecoming plays a pivotal role in affecting a student’s high school experience. The real question is this: who is really bestowed the honor of coming home in the first place? ”


In the year 2018, Julia cautiously makes her way through the unfamiliar hallways on her first day of school at Coral Reef. Her freshman days will be the most humiliating, yet rewarding, days of her entire life. She knew that one day, she would need to make the decision of going to homecoming, but never in a million years did she believe that the decision had to be made now. So as days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, homecoming continues to seep into Julia’s curious mind. Julia then takes it upon herself to ask her friends if she should go. They, however, dismiss the far-fetched idea completely:

Julia, let’s be honest; freshmen are not receiving an invitation. Think about it. Look at all those movies that we used to see in middle school: the boys ask the girls out, girls and boys usually go with their cool friends, and isn’t this dance made for the seniors before they leave for college? Quite frankly, I don’t even think we are allowed to go. The point is this Julia: homecoming is not for the freshmen. It can’t be, we just got here!”


That same day, Anthony is walking into his first class of his second year of high school. As a sophomore, he feels a bit more confident in his knowledge of getting around Coral Reef. He can finally get to his classes without staring directly into the bulging eyes of his schedule, he understands the importance of his AP classes, and he is succeeding in his pursuit of make new friends. Now that Anthony feels less vulnerable to the trials and tribulations of being a guppie, he takes the initiative to start a conversation with his friends about whether or not he should go to homecoming. His friends had a strong opinion as to why Anthony should not go:

Dude, I can’t believe you would even consider going to that  dance. Do I have to spell it out for you? None of our friends are going, the dance will be bursting with upperclassmen, and I’m not trying to spend all that money! We sophomores are not meant to go, at least not yet. The right time is senior year, the year in which we can reflect on our amazing high school accomplishments and celebrate!”


Just a couple feet away from Anthony lies Kayla, who couldn’t be more happy starting her third year of high school. She has so many plans for this year and for the years awaiting her after high school. She feels herself getting older at the Reef as she meticulously chooses her top 10 college options and starts to participate in prestigious honor societies. With Homecoming around the corner, Kayla decides to ask some friends what they think about homecoming before she pays the OSP deadline. Her friends are not too crazy about the idea:

“Trust me, if I could find the time, I would consider it. It’s a cool dance and at least some of our friends may probably go. But in the meantime, I personally think that maintaining my GPA is far more important than going to a dance, which means that we would have to spend time finding a dress, shoes, and doing our nails and hair. Besides, we always have senior year. If you don’t go senior year, you’re done for.”


Finally, Jacob feels powerful in his Burger King crown as he ventures through the crowded halls of distraught freshman to commence his senior year of high school. He feels anxious but also genuinely excited to end an old chapter in his life and start a new one. Since this is his final year as a high school student, he has the sudden urge to make up for lost time and make the most of every slight moment he has left. With this in mind, he asks his friends, one last time, if they are going to homecoming. Unsurprisingly, his friends can’t believe that homecoming has not been his number one priority:

“You have to go. It’s not even a question. If you do not go, you will never forgive yourself and you will question your bad decision for the rest of your life. This dance was made for us! We are on top of the world and we have to own it by attending this dance and having the time of our lives. You wouldn’t want be the only senior at the reef who doesn’t go to homecoming, right?”

On October 19, 2018, Coral Reef Senior High School had their Havana Nights themed homecoming dance. Student were reported to have said that homecoming was one of the best nights of their lives, regardless of the grade level. For just a moment, forget about the Regina George, Troy, Lara Jean, and Clay kids at your school or in your individual imaginations. A dance does not have to necessarily mean that a person has to find love in order to ‘complete’ homecoming. On top of that, you don’t have to be the most popular students in the universe in order to attend. The true meaning of homecoming is enjoying good food (who doesn’t love that!), dancing, and spending quality time with your classmates. It’s the one night with no class requirements or regulations. It’s the time to earn your right, dance under the lights, and relive each moment before the end of the night.