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About Baitline

Baitline strives to provide quality student-led publications to the student body providing the school community with an open forum of public expression. In the publications club, students will make all editorial decisions including, but not limited to: generating story ideas, writing copy, editing copy, laying out copy, taking photographs, and handling all aspects of running the business end of a school publication. Because of this, any comments or concerns should be addressed to the editorial staff.

It should be understood that the newspaper is not a professional publication; therefore, students will make mistakes during the learning process. As a staff, we will make every effort to learn from these mistakes and continually improve the publication.  While our primary goal is to inform and entertain the school community, we also strive to maintain high journalistic standards. All opinions expressed in the publications are the students’ or the individual sources, and not the staff’s as a whole, the advisor, or school officials.

Letters to the editor are appreciated and can be delivered to room 305 or e-mailed to [email protected] All letters submitted may be condensed or edited for grammar and spelling. Libelous material will not be printed.

About Baitline