Ana is a Sophomore in the IB academy and an author for the News category. She’s an avid writer with a deep fascination for the world around her and a passion for traveling. Whenever she is not nose-deep in a new novel, you can find her dancing along to the soundtracks of her favorite musicals or catching up on all her favorite Netflix shows, with one hand always in the popcorn bowl.  As a lover of fashion and a self-proclaimed professional shopper, Ana is always open to a long trip to the mall, especially if all her friends can join. If you are ever looking for her, you can always spot her with an iced coffee in one hand and all the homework she procrastinated doing in the other.

Ana Brito, Author

Apr 19, 2019
DeSantis Vows to End Common Core (Story)
Feb 26, 2019
Real Superheroes In Action (Story)
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